Established in the late 1970s, Wigston’s Lures have been constantly evolving it’s range and the way it communicates it to customers. Below you can view some of our past colour charts for our main line over 3 decades of iterations and innovations.

Colour Chart 2016

Complete Colour Chart 2016. Original PDF Verson.

Colour Chart 2014

Tassie Devil colour chart 2014. PDF original. Additional lures added to the range.

Colour Chart 2012

Tassie Devil Colour Chart 2012. PDF Orginal.

Colour Chart 1993

Wigston Lure’s Colour Chart 1993 plus 1-page advert. Scan of an original physical copy.

Colour Chart Circa 1990

Tassie Devil colour chart circa 1990. Scan of an original print version.

Colour Chart Circa 1985

Single page brochure – circa 1985 approx. Scanned copy of an original physical copy.


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